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Welcome to Cooley GO.  We have created this for you.

You want to get your company formed so you can start building. You want to understand the venture investing community so you can obtain the funding you need and get the best partners to help you grow your business. You are constantly recruiting.  You want to protect your ideas and your brand. And you want to do deals with bigger, more established companies. You want to do all of this, but you need to dedicate all of your scarce resources toward building your products and services and taking them to market.

We get it. We have been working with entrepreneurs like you for generations. You do not want to spend your day dealing with lawyers. You want lawyers who can enable your business, who stay out of your way so that you can GO.

We think Cooley GO is a reflection of this attitude.

This site is filled with information, tools and advice designed to make your interaction with your lawyers quicker and more efficient so you can get back to building your company. Take a look around. You will find answers to common questions and market intelligence that we get from working with thousands of entrepreneurs around the world to build their businesses. You will also find document generators to help you push forward your legal tasks on your own, or at least get you started.

We are proud of what is available here, but we are not done. We are committed to making this site even better. Answering more questions. Delivering more data to help you make important decisions. Providing more documents to save you more time and money. And continuing to leverage technology to provide more and better services for you. Our job is to help you get where you want to go–as quickly as possible.

Let’s GO.


Last modified: January 16, 2024
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