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Portrait of Craig Jacoby

What I do:
I help startups and their investors across a number of different industries — Internet and digital media, consumer products, clean technologies, software, medical devices and business services. In addition to working with them on formation and helping them find funding and complete their financings and acquisitions, I also help with employment, options, licensing and just about everything else, including occasionally functioning as coach or psychologist.

Why Cooley?
Breadth and focus. Just about everyone at Cooley, from corporate attorneys to those specializing in antitrust, debt, real estate, trademarks or litigation, works with startups every day in some way and really understands the opportunities and constraints that most startups face, so your advice is practical and business-focused. And my colleagues are some of the best, smartest and most dedicated people I know.

Some of my clients:
Yelp, Patreon, New Relic, AllTrails, Ethic, Singularity,

I root for:
Philadelphia Phillies, Gli Azzurri

Great reads:
Infinite Jest, Snow Crash