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Glossary Term

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the first listing of a security on a public exchange.

Obtaining a listing of your company’s shares can be a long, demanding and complicated process which will have long term implications for your company. It is therefore important that you understand what is involved as planning in advance will be crucial if the IPO is to be successful.


Once you have decided to seek a listing of your company’s shares by way of an initial public offering, you will want to ensure the process goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible. This article sets out some steps you can take at any early stage to help prepare your company for an IPO.

Direct Listing

Glossary Term

A direct listing is the process by which a company lists shares held by its existing stockholders for sale on a public exchange.

2019 marked the rise of the Direct Listing. Though they are not exactly new structures, following the heavily-publicized Direct Listings of tech giants Spotify and Slack, they have captured the imagination of the capital markets world.


Public Company

Glossary Term

A public company is a company with public ownership and has shares that trade on a public exchange market. Because it is public it is required to meet the Securities and Exchange Commission’s strict filing requirements for public companies.

Liquidity Rounds

Glossary Term

Liquidity rounds (also known as secondary sales) are events where private company stockholders can participate in selling a portion or all their shares before the company goes public or is acquired.