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Click here to generate your Cooley GO Docs Form of Employee Offer Letter (for Singapore employees only).

An effective offer letter is an important document that sets expectations regarding an employee’s job duties, supervisor, salary, and the requirement to sign an Employee Confidential Information and Inventions Assignment Agreement. As a resource to the community, we at Cooley GO have prepared a form of employee offer letter for use in Singapore.

Note that this Offer Letter is intended for use by Singapore companies with Singapore employees who do not fall within the ambit of Part 4 of the Employment Act 1968 of Singapore.

Read more about offer letters in Drafting Offer Letters: Keys to Simple and Effective Employment Agreements and about employment matters generally in our Cooley GO Guidance section 3. Build a Team, including Tips for Onboarding Employees to Early-Stage Companies, some of which may be relevant in Singapore.

Looking for the California version?

Hiring in the UK? Check out our Offer Letter and Employment Agreement Package.



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