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Glossary Term

A term used by Y Combinator that describes short “open source” documents that have been drafted for use in early-stage private company financing deals.

Cooley GO in Asia offers the same free founder-focused legal resources and document generators that the US and UK ecosystems have come to trust.


Secretary of State

Glossary Term

The Secretary of State is generally a state’s chief elections officer, chief corporations officer, and supervisor of state archives.

Discount Shares

Glossary Term

“Discount shares” is a term sometimes used to describe the shares issued upon conversion of a convertible note or SAFE in respect of the portion attributable to the discount rate/conversion price discount.

Conversion Price Cap

Glossary Term

A conversion price cap is the maximum valuation at which convertible debt or SAFEs convert at the time of the financing resulting in the conversion, regardless of the valuation agreed to by the company and the new equity investors.

Bridge financing

Glossary Term

A bridge financing is a financing intended to provide a startup with the necessary capital to get to a subsequent funding round or sale transaction.

Emerging companies often ask: “Is my idea patentable?” Many of these ideas relate to software. The patent eligibility of software is again a hot topic in the United States and around the world. Recent developments in US law have made this an increasingly difficult question to answer.