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Matthew Bartus

To visit the SAFE Financing Documents (US) page on Cooley GO, click here.

To visit the SAFE Financing Documents (Singapore) page on Cooley GO, click here.

Startup accelerator and Cooley client Y Combinator (commonly referred to simply as “YC”)  maintains a set of financing documents (referred to as SAFEs, or Simple Agreement for Future Equity). We have created a generator on Cooley GO for preparing your own customized set for free, plus an additional generator that produces modified forms of SAFE for use by Singapore companies. Our generators include both the original “pre-money” forms of SAFE and the newer “post-money” forms of SAFE.

We will continue to make forms and other documents available as we continue to receive feedback about the library of documents on Cooley GO, and what additional documents you would find useful.

Note that we were not involved in the preparation of these forms (other than adapting the SAFE for use in Singapore) and are not necessarily endorsing any form, or the use of those forms either generally or in any specific instance, since all have their pros and cons, and are just one organization’s opinion of what is, or what should be, a “market” standard document. We recommend that you get advice from a lawyer to help you understand the meaning of the documents, how they may impact you, which forms are appropriate for your company, etc.  But if you know what you want to do, we think you and your attorney should have a simple way of generating the documents.

As always, we welcome your feedback on this service or any other aspect of Cooley GO (you can click the call-out box on the right of the screen or mobile users contact us via email).

Last reviewed: January 23, 2022