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Portrait of Andres Medina-Jordan

What I do:
I help companies navigate the venture and growth capital ecosystem, problem-solving and providing legal and strategic advice at every step of the way, from formation optimization planning and capital-raising all the way to IPO or sale. I also work with investors in deploying capital.

Why Cooley:
Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. We appreciate that legal issues are one of many considerations involved in running a business and making key decisions, so we focus on what’s important. This allows us to deliver solid legal advice that’s also practical. Our bench is deep. There’s no better platform from which to help high-growth companies through their entire lifecycle.

What my clients value:
We are in the trenches with our clients providing advice that’s practical, actionable, time-tested and informed by many data points of relevant experience. My clients know that I’m always there when they need me. Those in Latin America also value that I speak their language – y nos entendemos bien.

Surfing, road cycling and being outside. The ocean was a constant for me growing up, so I try to spend a lot of time in the water and with my family.

Great reads:
“The Count of Monte Cristo” and “Scaramouche” – classic adventure novels. More practical read: “Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In.”

I root for:
Latin America