Does our business need to comply? Regardless of where you process personal data, if you process personal data of European citizens, you are likely to be subject to European data protection laws. You may also be under a contractual obligation to comply with data protection laws in the EU in your agreements with other vendors…. Read more »

  This guide will provide you with an overview of the key areas that should be included in any employment agreement (“Agreement”) that you enter into with a new employee. Probationary Period The Agreement can include a probationary period (essentially a ‘trial period’ that allows you to assess the performance of your employee before making… Read more »

What is a private limited company? This is the most common form of corporate vehicle in the UK. Once a company is incorporated, it is treated as a distinct legal entity meaning the company can contract with third parties and incur liabilities. In addition, obligations of the company are not treated as obligations of the… Read more »

What is due diligence? Due diligence is the process whereby the proposed investor in, or the proposed buyer of, your company investigates the company’s business, people, records and key documents. The process is designed to make the investor or buyer aware of the inherent risks of your business, to support the value placed on the… Read more »

Choosing an effective company name will help set you apart from your competitors and form the foundation of your company’s ‘brand’. While this article is not here to help you find the perfect name for your company, it will help steer you through, from a legal point of view, what you can and can’t call… Read more »

Obtaining a listing of your company’s shares can be a long, demanding and complicated process which will have long term implications for your company. It is therefore important that you understand what is involved as planning in advance will be crucial if the IPO is to be successful. Preparing for an IPO The article Getting Ready… Read more »

  A serious buyer for your company is likely to present you with heads of terms (also known as a letter of intent, memoranda of understanding or term sheet) covering the basic terms on which it proposes to buy your company.  The aim of these heads of terms is to set out the basic principles… Read more »

Once you have decided to seek a listing of your company’s shares by way of an initial public offering (“IPO”), perhaps to raise additional capital for growth or to reduce debt, you will want to ensure the process goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible. This article sets out some steps you can take at… Read more »

If you are about to incorporate a private limited company in the UK, you will no doubt come across ‘articles of association’ (“Articles”). This guide will give you an understanding of what Articles are, what they cover and how to navigate the template articles of association (“Template Articles”) we offer on Cooley GO Docs. What are… Read more »

If, like in many startups, you are a group of individuals that have come together to start a business, and are about to incorporate and become shareholders in your company, you should have a shareholders agreement in place. This guide will give you an idea of what a shareholders agreement is, why it’s a good… Read more »