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Portrait of Sacha Ross

What I do:
I give high-growth companies strategic, business-oriented, pragmatic advice to solve legal and business problems from incorporation to exit and beyond. I take a hands-on approach to helping leaders, management and boards navigate the opportunities and challenges these high-growth businesses inevitably face.

What my clients value:
Responsive, pragmatic, efficient and pro-active advice, together with the judgement and ability to navigate tricky situations, and the experience and skills to effectively negotiate on their behalf.

Why Cooley?
A collaborative team of passionate and dedicated advisors who care about their clients and understand the unique challenges of counseling high-growth businesses to give each client the best team for that client for each challenge or opportunity.

Some of my clients:
Arthur.AI, Axios, Backtrace, Braze, Casper Sleep, Catalyst, Cedar Health, Dailypay, Dashlane, Distributed Creation, the DTX Company, KeyMe, Mack Weldon, Mantl, Oso Security, Poppin, Pharmapacks, Rare Carat, Redpoint Ventures, Spring Care, Socure, Tomorrow Health, Vidmob, and YieldStreet

I root for:
New York Giants and whatever team my kids are on (currently the Spartans)

Great reads:
The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay; The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss; Getting Things Done by David Allen