in Palo Alto
3175 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304
+1 650 843 5042

What I do:
I help our clients buy and sell companies in critical, transformative transactions. I’m also involved with the firm’s initiative in India and SE Asia and I particularly enjoy leveraging my qualifications and experience there to help clients navigate the complexities of those jurisdictions.

Why Cooley:
Because we’re excellent business lawyers who pride ourselves in guiding a company from incorporation to exit and beyond. We are built to act as trusted advisors and consiglieres at every step of a company’s lifecycle. And, we’re all trying to be good people while doing it.

What my clients value:
A “we’ll get it done”, practical and goal-oriented philosophy, but with a sense of humor.

Football (the one played with feet and not helmets), basketball and motorsports.



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