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Portrait of Paula Holland

What I do:
I work with technology and life sciences companies ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals. I use my experience in executive compensation and equity awards to advise my clients on growing their businesses with the help of retention and incentive arrangements to keep their people engaged and driven. Hopefully a recipe for success.

Why Cooley?
Cooley’s California origins are so compelling to clients in the London market. We work with some of the most innovative companies and they really value that history.

What my clients value:
My practicality, friendly approach and how passionate and invested I become in the success of my clients, always aiming to help them get to the next stage.

I’m a ridiculous optimist – despite living at a latitude of 50 degrees north I have planted a small vineyard behind my house, and I’m fearless – despite being 5 foot 2 I jump really big horses.

Great reads:
I enjoy books on art and love reading anything with witty social commentary – Vanity Fair is a favourite.