in Boston
500 Boylston Street, 14th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts 02116-3736
+1 617 937 2362

What I do:
I work with emerging companies to develop patent portfolios on their technical innovations in a way that provides immediate value and opportunities for long-term growth. The best part about my job is learning about new technologies from enthusiastic inventors and helping those inventors to protect their contributions to society.

What my clients value: 
I take a pragmatic approach to patent law — one that uses technical experience and legal expertise to develop creative solutions to business problems.

Why Cooley?
We have all the resources and experience that any start-up would need, including experts on everything from technology licensing to government export controls to FCC spectrum licensing.

Some of my clients:
Digital Lumens, Neurala, SkinnyPrice, EyeLock, and MIT

Great reads:
Bruce Catton's trilogy on the Union Army

I root for:
NY Giants, UNC Tarheels

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