in Los Angeles
1333 2nd Street
Suite 400
Santa Monica, CA 90401
+1 310 883 6409

What I do:
I help my clients strategically select, register, and defend their brands; and, where necessary, litigate claims involving trademarks, copyrights, false advertising, right of publicity, and related business claims in courts throughout the country.

Why Cooley:
For any company looking for a firm to partner with from the very beginning, or to help take it to the next step, there is no better firm than Cooley. On the intellectual property side, we offer strategic counsel and guidance on adopting and registering brands that is informed by our litigation experience – we can see the potential obstacles and give you the best chance to avoid them. If you need to go to court, our past experience gives us the advantage in vindicating your rights.

What my clients value:
Honest and thoughtful advise, understanding of their business and risk tolerance, understanding of nuanced intellectual property issues based on year of experience considering and litigating these matters that I can distill into a plan of action.

Some of my clients:
BURST Oral Care, Spokeo, Solve HQ, SafeCorp, BoxBot

Movies, travel, audiobooks, new foods, dad jokes, my son’s high school marching band, rock music, time with family, and my dogs.

I root for:
Angels (of Anaheim), Braves, Chiefs, Niners, Lakers, (Mighty) Ducks, and underdogs.


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