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Portrait of Joshua Mates

What I do:
I help technology companies with the full spectrum of employment and human resources issues they face, from drafting employment agreements, plans and policies, to counseling regarding wage and hour issues, M&A transactions, and protection of trade secrets and IP, to handling employment disputes.

What my clients value:
I understand the employment issues that companies face at every stage of development, and I provide practical and efficient solutions to address them. When you’re changing the face of technology, human resources is not always at the forefront of your mind — I help focus on their strategic goals by quickly and appropriately tackling employment matters.

Why Cooley?
We approach advice as a team, collaborating to ensure companies get the advice they need from a multitude of experts with the in-depth legal knowledge and practical savvy to attack any issue.

Before the law:
I worked at Comedy Central, helping with the production of shows like South Park, Win Ben Stein’s Money, and The Man Show.

I root for:
UCLA Bruins, 49ers, Golden State Warriors