Special Counsel
in Washington, DC
1299 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Suite 700 (enter from 12th and E Streets)
Washington, DC 20004
+1 202 842 7800
+1 202 842 7899

What I do:
I work with companies to help them understand and comply with the FCC’s rules and to shape new FCC policies in ways that advance their businesses.

Why Cooley:
We bring together people with expertise and hard-won knowledge of technology, business, and regulation in ways that other firms cannot.

What my clients value:
A focus on practical ways to deal with often-impractical demands of regulators, and an understanding of new and existing technologies that are affected by the FCC and its actions.

Collecting studio glass and other contemporary crafts; baseball; fountain pens; summer in Cape May, New Jersey

When I’m not being a Cooley lawyer:
I’m on the board of WheatonArts, in Millville, New Jersey, which operates the Museum of American Glass and a glass studio that is open to the public. I’m also on the board of the Creative Glass Center of America, which provides fellowships for artists working in glass. My wife and I run a small craft show in the Washington area each year to benefit the James Renwick Alliance, which supports the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian.

Great reads:
A.S. Byatt’s Possession; Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time; nearly anything by Neal Stephenson, but particularly Snow Crash.

I root for:
New York Mets; Rutgers Women’s Basketball

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