Transactional Quantitative Analyst
in Boston
500 Boylston Street, 14th Floor
Boston, MA 02116-3736
+1 617 937 2429

What I do:
The bread and butter of my job is the regular maintenance of corporate minute books, capitalization tables, stock ledgers, and general corporate records. I also assist with general corporate transactions — venture financings, mergers and acquisitions, and initial public offerings.  Because of my quantitative background, I’m often the guy translating the math behind a complicated legal document into meaningful numbers through a financial model.

Why Cooley:
As someone fresh out of college in this job market, I truly got lucky landing at Cooley. It’s a work hard, play hard firm that doesn’t just value hard work but actually rewards it. Being much less hierarchical than I imagined a Big Law firm to be, I am able to take a meaningful role in major corporate transactions.

Before Cooley:
I’m a Bay Area native who moved to the East Coast to go to Boston College to study math and economics. During my time at BC, I worked for three years as a marketing research assistant focusing on consumer choice models and credit card repayment behavior.

Playing volleyball, binge watching TV shows on Netflix, eating.

I root for:
I like to play, rather than watch, sports.

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