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Pro Bono Counsel

Portrait of Erin Walczewski

What I do:

I manage Cooley’s transactional pro bono practice, which includes nonprofits, low-income entrepreneurs, and social enterprises.

Why Cooley:

Cooley has a true commitment to entrepreneurs in all spaces, including the nonprofit sector and very small businesses.

What my clients value:

I can explain things in plain terms.  I have a special talent for decoding legalese into “Oh, I get it” moments for clients and law students.


Board games, hiking, binge-watching good TV, hosting cookouts, teaching law school, getting “lawyered” by my children

Great reads:

Ready Player One, The Martian, The Warmth of Other Suns, A Knock at Midnight, Daisy Fay Harper, autobiographies of female comedians

I root for:

Our pro bono clients!