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Portrait of David  Bresnick

What I do:
I advise high growth companies (typically technology-related) that are looking to raise capital (whether seed capital, angel funding, venture or growth capital) and in their subsequent expansion and growth towards an eventual Exit or IPO. I also advise investors and corporates who are looking to invest in and/or partner with high growth companies.

Why Cooley:
We understand what drives entrepreneurs and specialise in acting for technology-related companies. We just love to see small companies grow and succeed, and to help them achieve their potential.

What my clients value:
I’m a hands on lawyer with the experience and pragmatism to get things done, and with the energy and drive to be there when clients need me.

Watching football (playing is too difficult!), cooking, running around after kids and travelling. I root for Manchester City FC.

Great reads:
Just about anything whilst I wait for George Martin to finish Game of Thrones!