Special Counsel
in Washington, DC
1299 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 700
Washington, DC 20004
+1 202 776 2687
+1 202 842 7899

What I do:
I help clients understand complex regulatory issues so that they can quickly solve their legal problems.

Why Cooley:
We apply traditional regulatory concepts to new technologies and platforms, bridging the gap between what Washington, D.C. regulators want the rules to be and the concepts entrepreneurs want to bring to market.

What my clients value:
Practical advice that is scaled to what a client actually needs.

The Outer Banks, gardening, volunteering at school (homeroom parent, team parent, class parent!)

Great reads:
I have a disabled daughter so I am fascinated by articles on brain science and brain research – it is amazing what scientists are learning about the brain.

I root for:
The Virginia Cavaliers and the Key Center Rockets!

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