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Portrait of Chris Coulter

What I do:
I help start-ups and established companies with their commercial operations. Frequently there will be a technology or digital content aspect; you might be using, exploiting, or even being transformed by, technology. I help with that process, from initial strategy through to contract execution, focusing in particular on complex commercial transactions; intellectual property; technology licensing; and outsourcing and procurement. Beyond that, sometimes I find that I’m a coach, sometimes we’re kicking a term sheet around, and sometimes I’m just making sure that you get access to the right Cooley expert.

Why Cooley:
No matter where you or your venture are in terms of development, we have the resources to advise you on helping your business grow for the long term. Plus we have a genuine passion for entrepreneurship – we want you to succeed and we work together to make it happen.

What my clients value:
Giving practical, targeted advice; finding the right person for the job; making useful connections; being reliable.

When I’m not being a Cooley lawyer:
For the past three years, I’ve been president of the Event Cinema Association, a UK-originated non-profit dedicated to supporting and promoting event cinema for cinemas, audiences, creators and the creative industries.

Family; clear, blue sea water for swimming in; Swiss mountains. Oh, and comic books.

Great reads:
Transition by Iain Banks, The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell, Existence by David Brin, Pattern Recognition by William Gibson (you get the picture…).