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Of Counsel

Portrait of Bob Eisenbach

What I do:
I guide companies through restructurings and recapitalizations, whether it’s a billion dollar company or a technology start-up. I often assist private equity and company clients with distressed M&A transactions, advising on the unique issues that come up when buying or selling assets of companies with financial issues. Another area in which I help companies is assessing bankruptcy’s impact on intellectual property rights, a recurring issue in IP licenses.

What my clients value:
Judgment, expertise, and a cool head. Whether it’s a crisis situation, an opportunistic acquisition, or a complex business issue, we provide practical advice that keeps the big picture in mind and gets the details right.

Why Cooley:
We have the specialized experience and business savvy that a technology company needs at every stage of growth.

When I’m not being a Cooley lawyer:
I’m a blogger. I created the In The (Red)® blog to help company executives, boards of directors, credit professionals and in-house counsel keep up with important business bankruptcy issues and developments.

Spending time with family, writing songs, playing piano, jazz, alternative rock, oh, and great wines

I root for:
The 49ers, the Giants and, at the college level, the LSU Tigers

Great reads:
Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, Independence Day by Richard Ford