Here’s what Ben Wolin, co-founder at Everyday Health, had to say about the company.

What we do

Everyday Health is revolutionizing the way we think about health care. We provide consumers and health care professionals with a multi-brand, multi-channel content experience that can be accessed anytime and anywhere a health-related decision is made. Our mission? To help people live healthier lives.

Focus on smart

Our portfolio consists of approximately 25 websites, 26 mobile applications, seven YouTube shows, 31 social media destinations with over six million followers and an Emmy-nominated broadcast television show. All delivering the tools to help people manage their health smarter.

Why we succeed

Someone once told me that a vision without execution is just a hallucination. This piece of advice has stayed with me as our company has grown and changed. We have the will to win.

Future technology we’re most excited for

The personalized health record — this will radically change healthcare.

A quote that inspires us

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” –Wayne Gretzky