Ready for show time? Is your story compelling enough to interest venture capital investors? Some businesses, even if they succeed, simply will not get large enough to deliver the kind of scaleability and potential future returns that venture investors often seek. Do you have demonstrable results? Customer traction? Patented intellectual property? Consider raising a small… Read more »

Whether you are a UK startup looking to employ your first employees, or a US company looking to recruit someone based in the UK, you should be aware of the following points. Be sure to also check out our Offer Letter and Employment Agreement Package on Cooley GO Docs. 1. How should you ‘engage’ your… Read more »

If you have decided to incorporate a company in the UK, or to purchase and tailor a “shelf company” – use this checklist to ensure you have all the information you need. Company details Date on which the company is to begin trading. Proposed name of the company (NB: there are rules on what names… Read more »

The digital revolution has dramatically changed how we interact with technology. Consumers are now also co-creators and technology is becoming increasingly commoditised, with companies sharing software and consumers building upon existing platforms. The only way companies can exploit this is to use and protect what is at the centre of the revolution, Intellectual Property (IP)…. Read more »

Databases are valuable commercial assets that businesses are increasingly looking to exploit in their own right. Given their inherent and financial value, together with the money and time invested in their creation, it is crucial that businesses understand the rights surrounding their databases. Does your database qualify for protection? A database is defined as “a… Read more »

Does our business need to comply? Regardless of where you process personal data, if you process personal data of European citizens, you are likely to be subject to European data protection laws. You may also be under a contractual obligation to comply with data protection laws in the EU in your agreements with other vendors…. Read more »

  This guide will provide you with an overview of the key areas that should be included in any employment agreement (“Agreement”) that you enter into with a new employee. Probationary Period The Agreement can include a probationary period (essentially a ‘trial period’ that allows you to assess the performance of your employee before making… Read more »

What is a private limited company? This is the most common form of corporate vehicle in the UK. Once a company is incorporated, it is treated as a distinct legal entity meaning the company can contract with third parties and incur liabilities. In addition, obligations of the company are not treated as obligations of the… Read more »

What is due diligence? Due diligence is the process whereby the proposed investor in, or the proposed buyer of, your company investigates the company’s business, people, records and key documents. The process is designed to make the investor or buyer aware of the inherent risks of your business, to support the value placed on the… Read more »

Choosing an effective company name will help set you apart from your competitors and form the foundation of your company’s ‘brand’. While this article is not here to help you find the perfect name for your company, it will help steer you through, from a legal point of view, what you can and can’t call… Read more »