If you’re thinking of protecting your invention in multiple countries, you have two general options: (1) file your first patent application directly in each country of interest, or (2) file a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application, and “nationalize” the PCT application in each country of interest at a later date. (If you’re not familiar with… Read more »

If you’re not familiar with patents, read this post first: What You Need to Know About Patents Continuation applications can be used to bolster your patent portfolio and provide additional patent protection for your inventions, thereby increasing the value of your IP asset. With some careful planning, you can use continuation applications to turn your… Read more »

What is a Down Round?  A “down round” is a financing in which a company sells shares of its capital stock at a price per share that is less than the price per share it sold shares for in an earlier financing. Why Does it Matter if a Company Does a Down Round? Down rounds… Read more »

One decision to make when incorporating is “How many shares do you want to authorize?”  A common misconception is that the number of authorized shares (which appears in the certificate or articles of incorporation) is necessarily equal to the total number of shares (e.g., to the founders).  However, there is a difference between “authorized” shares and… Read more »

“Issuing Equity” is the final episode of our 5 part video series exploring issues related to forming a company. Check out the previous parts of the series, Why Do I Need to Incorporate, Types of Corporations, Choosing an Entity Type and The Incorporation Process.  

“The Incorporation Process” is part 4 of a 5 part video series exploring issues related to forming a company. Next in the series is Issuing Equity. Also check out the previous parts of the series, Why Do I Need to Incorporate, Types of Corporations and Choosing an Entity Type.  

Given the nature of today’s global and online marketplace reality, international trademark protection is increasingly critical. A careful international trademark strategy helps your company expand and leverage your brand and business, while failing to protect your trademarks abroad can damage and dilute valuable assets and competitiveness. Why is international trademark protection important? Trademarks, including your… Read more »

It is easy in today’s tech-oriented society to view the world through the lens of the internet as simply one big marketplace, abound with opportunities for entrepreneurs and emerging companies – and it certainly is. However the laws, regulations and policy decisions of different jurisdictions remind us that it is not always that simple, and… Read more »

In years past, a private company stockholder would have expected to wait until the company went public or was acquired to receive any return on investment.  However, over the last several years, stockholders in many private companies have participated in so-called “liquidity rounds”, sometimes referred to as secondary sales, in which they sold all or… Read more »