OK, so you have made the decision to explore a sale of your company.  What can you do to make the deal go smoothly and put your best foot forward? Clean the House.  Ask your outside counsel and accounting teams to help identify outstanding record keeping matters.  Are your material contracts signed?  Are all arrangements… Read more »

Building, marketing and maintaining a strong brand is fundamental to ensuring the success of a new company. Not only will a strong brand confer a competitive advantage through encouraging brand loyalty, but it will have financial value and help to attract investors. Here is general guidance on building, marketing and maintaining your brand while protecting… Read more »

Companies generally consider it a good idea for employees to be stakeholders in the business in which they work and believe share-based incentives offer the ability to reward, motivate and retain key staff. There are various ways in which employees of private UK companies can receive share incentives (i.e., an equity stake in their employer): either… Read more »

Why does patent ownership matter? A patent is a government-granted property right that can be used to exclude others from making, using or selling an invention for a specified time (how long depends on the type of patent). Patents can provide important commercial benefits (discussed in detail in our companion piece What You Need To… Read more »

You’re an entrepreneur developing cutting edge technology, so why should you care about the Federal Communications Commission?  If you think the FCC only regulates broadcasters and old-time telephone and cable companies, the following might surprise and interest you.  While much attention is paid to FCC regulations that some argue stifle innovation – the net neutrality… Read more »

Departing Directors Board members tend to stay with companies for a relatively long time, but, like employees, sometimes it makes sense for a board  member to leave.  Here is what I try to do when a board member departs: Clear resignation Get a written resignation that makes clear the date of resignation and also includes a… Read more »

If you’re designing, manufacturing, or marketing a device for the US market that communicates wirelessly – using Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular or any other RF technology – or that contains a processor, that device is subject to the FCC’s equipment authorization rules.  Understanding those rules and considering them early in the design process can avoid delays… Read more »

This post originally appeared on In The (Red): The Business Bankruptcy Blog, which I created for CEOs, CFOs, boards of directors, credit professionals, in-house counsel and others to stay informed about important business bankruptcy issues and developments. Many start-up companies backed by venture capital financing, especially those still in the development phase or which otherwise are not cash flow… Read more »

If you’re not familiar with patents, read this post first: What You Need to Know About Patents If you’ve ever overheard water-cooler banter about patents, chances are it was about utility patents, the most common kind of patent issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). What is a utility patent? A utility… Read more »