A corporation is created by filing the Articles of Incorporation (if the corporation is created under California law) or the Certificate of Incorporation (if the corporation is created under Delaware law, which is the most common), or a similar document in other states, which might have a different name under those states (referred to as… Read more »

What Is Founder’s Stock? “Founder’s Stock” refers to the equity interest that is issued to Founders (and perhaps others – also check out my article Who is a “Founder”?) at or near the time the company is formed.  It is often issued for a nominal cash payment (such as $0.0001 per share, which is the default value in…

UK review by David Bresnick “Friends and family” financings: tapping your personal network Entrepreneurs often need only modest amounts of capital in the early stages to cover expenses incidental to the business. Sometimes entrepreneurs cover the company’s early expenses through personal savings or even credit card debt. However, in many cases they turn to people… Read more »

The pace of technological change and fierce competition have increased the value of intellectual property (IP) dramatically.  For example, the Google trademark has been estimated to be worth $93.3 billion dollars (source). You can use intellectual property rights (IPR), in the form of trade secrets, patents, copyrights and trademarks, to attract investors, increase your market… Read more »