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Inventions Assignment Agreement

Glossary Term

An inventions assignment agreement is a typical feature of an independent contractor or employee agreement where the worker agrees to assign any intellectual property arising from the worker’s services to the company.

Offer Letter

Glossary Term

An offer letter is a letter given by a company to an potential employee that provides key terms of the propsective employee’s employment.

Confusion about your ownership structure, or a poorly planned structure, can create unnecessary administrative hassle and legal expense, and in certain situations can ward off investors. Here are some matters to consider as you establish the ownership structure (capitalization) of your company.
If “unpaid interns” are really acting as “employees,” then they are misclassified, and you can be hit with costly worker lawsuits or government penalties. We want to help you to understand when an unpaid internship program can be appropriate for your workforce, and how to implement the program.