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If you’re negotiating for equity financing, bridge financing, bank financing, venture debt, or a commercial transaction for your startup, you may be asked to issue a warrant as part of the deal. This article explains what a warrant is, and outlines some of the key terms to understand.

Secondary Sale

Glossary Term

A secondary sale is the sale by an existing stockholder of shares in a private company to a third party that does not occur in connection with an acquisition of the company.

Option grant

Glossary Term

An option grant is a right to acquire a set number of shares of stock of a company at a set price.

Non-qualified Stock Options [NSO]

Glossary Term

Non-qualified Stock Options (NSO) are stock options that, when exercised, result in ordinary income tax on the difference between the exercise price and the fair market value of the underlying shares.

Exercise Price

Glossary Term

Every stock option has an exercise price, also called the strike price, which is the price at which a share can be bought.


Glossary Term

Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code is a complex and often counterintuitive set of tax rules applicable to deferred compensation.

Early-stage companies frequently overlook many fundamental legal needs and issues surrounding the onboarding of service providers. Here are a few considerations for early-stage companies as they engage workers, and tips to avoid pitfalls that could lead to significant liability.