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In an effort to further advance diversity efforts and increase the representation of underrepresented minority groups on cap tables, Cooley GO’s term sheets include the option for a diversity rider, which requires startups and their investors to seek diverse co-investors in their deals.
If you’re negotiating for equity financing, bridge financing, bank financing, venture debt, or a commercial transaction for your startup, you may be asked to issue a warrant as part of the deal. This article explains what a warrant is, and outlines some of the key terms to understand.

Convertible Promissory Note and Term Sheet (Singapore)

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Convertible promissory notes are often used to fund early stage startups or to provide a “bridge” to a larger financing round or a sale of the company.  This form of convertible promissory note and a form term sheet for a convertible promissory note financing is for use by Singapore companies.


Glossary Term

A term used by Y Combinator that describes short “open source” documents that have been drafted for use in early-stage private company financing deals.

Conversion Price Cap

Glossary Term

A conversion price cap is the maximum price per share at which convertible notes or SAFEs convert into capital stock at the time of the financing resulting in the conversion, regardless of the valuation agreed to by the company and the new equity investors.

Convertible Note

Glossary Term

A convertible note is an investment vehicle often used to facilitate investing in a company prior to establishing a valuation. Convertible notes are loans that generally later convert into equity.

Bridge financing

Glossary Term

A bridge financing is a financing intended to provide a startup with the necessary capital to get to a subsequent funding round or sale transaction.