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Preferred Stock

Glossary Term

Preferred Stock (like Common Stock) is a security that represents ownership in a corporation. In addition to the ownership interest, Preferred Stock has rights that Common Stock does not.

If you’re negotiating for equity financing, bridge financing, bank financing, venture debt, or a commercial transaction for your startup, you may be asked to issue a warrant as part of the deal. This article explains what a warrant is, and outlines some of the key terms to understand.

Series FF Stock

Glossary Term

Series FF Stock is a hybrid between Common Stock and Preferred Stock, and sometimes issued to founders at the time of incorporation…

Liquidation Preference

Glossary Term

A liquidation preference is a right that one class of stockholders may have to be paid ahead of other class(es) of stockholders in the case of a liquidation of the company.

Common Stock

Glossary Term

Units of equity ownership in a corporation entitling their holder to a share of the corporation’s success through dividends and/or capital appreciation.

Confusion about your ownership structure, or a poorly planned structure, can create unnecessary administrative hassle and legal expense, and in certain situations can ward off investors. Here are some matters to consider as you establish the ownership structure (capitalization) of your company.