You’re an entrepreneur developing cutting edge technology, so why should you care about the Federal Communications Commission?  If you think the FCC only regulates broadcasters and old-time telephone and cable companies, the following might surprise and interest you.  While much attention is paid to FCC regulations that some argue stifle innovation – the net neutrality… Read more »

Departing Directors Board members tend to stay with companies for a relatively long time, but, like employees, sometimes it makes sense for a board  member to leave.  Here is what I try to do when a board member departs: Clear resignation Get a written resignation that makes clear the date of resignation and also includes a… Read more »

If you’re designing, manufacturing, or marketing a device for the US market that communicates wirelessly – using Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular or any other RF technology – or that contains a processor, that device is subject to the FCC’s equipment authorization rules.  Understanding those rules and considering them early in the design process can avoid delays… Read more »