You may have heard people refer to “single-trigger” or “double-trigger” acceleration.  What are they talking about? Single-trigger acceleration refers to the partial or full acceleration of vesting of someone’s options or stock based on the occurrence of a single event, i.e. that event is the “trigger” for acceleration. Double-trigger acceleration refers to acceleration based on… Read more »

Since its inception, we pledged that Cooley GO will continually be evolving to provide you with tools to make better, faster decisions. Today we are launching an exciting new data visualization feature. Powered by Tableau, it allows you to drill down on data gleaned from thousands of the deals we’ve worked on with entrepreneurs from 2009 Q1… Read more »

Many thanks to Al Browne for his contributions to this article. Whether you are a founder or venture investor sitting on the board of a portfolio company, you have fiduciary duties to think about when making board-level decisions.  These decisions often come under increased judicial scrutiny in the context of a sale transaction.  In addition to your… Read more »