In January 2015,  the US Department of Education issued an advisory to all elementary and secondary schools on data privacy and security issues to be considered in negotiating agreements with online service providers or mobile applications.  The Department also released “Model Terms of Service” that provides specific recommended provisions for such agreements, along with a short video dramatizing… Read more »

This post originally appeared on Bob’s blog In The (Red)® – The Business Bankruptcy Blog An Overview Of The Formal Corporate Wind Down If a corporation’s board of directors decides that the business needs to be wound down, there are a number of legal paths to consider. Determining the best approach is fact-dependent, and the corporation and its… Read more »

What exactly are “Restrictive Covenants”? “Restrictive Covenants” is a term used to describe provisions in an agreement that purport to restrict an employee from doing certain things after the employee leaves the company. The two most common forms of Restrictive Covenants are “non-competes” and “non-solicits.” A non-compete is a provision that precludes the employee from… Read more »