“Choosing an Entity Type” is part 3 of a 5 part video series exploring issues related to forming a company. Next in the series is The Incorporation Process followed by Issuing Equity. Also check out the previous parts of the series, Why Do I Need to Incorporate and Types of Corporations.

After months of research and vetting, you’ve finally settled on a good contract manufacturer (CM) in China that offers the best quality and price combo and has a solid track record, and now it’s time to cement the relationship with a supply agreement.  Thanks to globalization and outsourcing, a lot of CMs in China today… Read more »

Finding the right investors is really important. It’s kind of like marriage.  A great spouse makes for a great life, while a bad spouse could cause a lifetime of misery or an ugly divorce. In finding the right investor, you’re looking for a great, life-long partner and someone you can count on in good times… Read more »

Click here to read our latest Venture Financing Report. It provides a summary of data reflecting our experience in venture capital financing terms and trends. Information is taken from transactions in which Cooley served as counsel to either the issuing company or the investors.

Click here to visit the SAFE Financing Documents page on Cooley GO Docs Startup accelerator and Cooley client Y Combinator (commonly referred to simply as “YC”)  released a set of financing documents (referred to as SAFE, or Simple Agreement for Future Equity). We are now making them available for you to generate your own customized set for free. We will continue to make… Read more »

Many people think a high(er) valuation is the Holy Grail.  Those people are (often) wrong.  In pursuit of a high(er) valuation, founders often unwittingly give up valuable ownership percentage points by agreeing to a needlessly large option plan reserve.  If you are reviewing a term sheet, the “pool” can be a critical negotiating point, and… Read more »